Family company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of chairs and furniture since 1957. Specialized in office and contract seating, it offers a wide and flexible range of avant-garde products for versatile use in public and private contexts.

delaoliva is a benchmark company in the office and school furniture sector, offering the market ergonomically designed products with an optimum quality-price ratio, all of it sustained by an internalized production process with production capacity and a technical team capable of developing and providing solutions to customer needs at the lowest cost.



Products globally recognized for their quality and timeless spirit, with enthusiasm and passion in the creation of new innovative and attractive designs.



We manufacture sustainable designer furniture and chairs with a flexible offer that allows them to be adapted to different contexts to create functional and inspiring environments that promote people’s well-being.



Our culture and essence are the result of the values that the whole team breathes and shares: PEOPLE, PASSION, DESIGN, IMPROVEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY and INNOVATION.

Designing sustainable and ergonomic products that are comfortable is the maxim of delaoliva’s design.


We design products responsibly, seeking our competitive edge to be the quality and durability of the product, together with an impeccable technical solution that allows us to maintain the essence of delaoliva, based on a fair price that identifies the sustainability of the brand: “quality and design with the lowest margins added”.


We want to surprise with our products, that is why we have our own team of designers and technicians, promoting creativity and talent from within.


We also develop products from prestigious external designers with whom we collaborate and interact in their design and development, achieving the best results.


We are the heritage of a family of inventors. Various patents and utility models created by our founder. A constant flow of ideas to offer solutions.


Constant work with enthusiasm for the future and commitment to the present. Every effort has its recompense.


Production capacity. Adaptation to the client needs. Flexible product offering. Thinking about people.


We are manufacturers. Internalized production process, all its phases. 30,000 m2 of manufacturing facilities.


A wide range of products and services is offered, providing value to our clients and satisfying their needs.


Product warranty. ISO 9001 certified since 1997. Certified products. Continuous improvement.


People are the core of our business.


Sustainable production processes. ISO 14001. Sustainable products. Ecodesign 14006.


Manufacture of environmentally-friendly and sustainable product, taking into consideration a global vision of the product life-cycle.


Quality and Environmental Management System based on UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Standards.


We manufacture ergonomically designed products seeking the comfort and well-being of its users.


Ximo Roca Diseñador valenciano

Ximo Roca

Valencian designer, member of the ADCV and member of the BEDA.
He studied at the Escuela Superior de Arte y de Diseño in Valencia and has been awarded with multiple prizes for his career and products, such as the Biel paper mill. For delaoliva, he has designed our models: Olé, Hug and Save.

Lievore – Altherr - Molina

Lievore – Altherr - Molina

Studio dedicated, among others, to product design, recognized for its furniture designs.
In 1999 they received the National Design Prize for their excellent and exemplary career. Their designs include the Manolete and the Rothko armchairs. They have designed the Quadrat series for delaoliva.

Héctor Diego

Technical Industrial Engineer by the University CEU of Valencia, specialized in the Development of products.
Valencian designer Good Design awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum, in the category of street furniture with the Plane Series benches produced by delaoliva. He has also designed for us the Japan series.

Gabriel Teixidó

Gabriel Teixido

Trained at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos of Barcelona, specializing in product design.
He is currently one of the most renowned Spanish designers in the sector with more than 30 years of professional experience creating simple and functional products, and has won numerous awards. For delaoliva, he has created the Boomerang series.

delaoliva Studio

delaoliva Studio

It has its origin in the DNA of the family, with designers such as Luis Pérez Lanzas (LUPELA lamp); Luis Pérez de la Oliva, designer and co-founder of Fase and José Pérez de la Oliva, founder of this company with several patents behind him.
Nowadays the studio is made up of a multidisciplinary team of industrial designers, product engineers and graphic designers who, together with prototypists, are capable of developing the collections proposed by external designers and also of developing their own collections in their entirety. Since 2018, new incorporations have added their talent to the delaoliva studio to express a contemporary, elegant and timeless design.


The product is the result of the identification of people’s needs, their habits and their environment. That is why we offer personalized and functional products, agility in delivery, guarantee, design, commitment…

innovación delaoliva. Industria y personas; máquina y hombre son nuestros pilares para innovar y presentar productos nuevos cada año, e incorporar mejoras innovadoras en los procesos y en los productos.


With its own workshops and an internalised manufacturing process, delaoliva achieves the greatest and best flexibility and value for money in its range of products. To this end, it continuously invests in state-of-the-art machinery, moulds and tools, which allows it to continuously improve its production processes and efficiency. That is why P. de la oliva, S.A. has obtained in 2022 the certificate and use of the seal awarded by the Community of Madrid as an INNOVATIVE COMPANY granted for three years.
The organisation has a technical and design department made up of a qualified team in charge of the design and development of new product collections, whether designed in-house or by external designers, developing their prototypes and launching them on the market.

Un reto - delaoliva. Mejorar nuestra comunicación. Somos conscientes de que nuestro producto es mejor que su presentación, ello es motivado por los escasos márgenes de marketing y comunicación que se cargan en el producto para ofrecer un precio sostenible y justo. Pero también somos conscientes de que el mundo cambia y la presencia digital nos obliga a mejorar.


Quality and a wide range of products and finishes, with our own manufacturing processes, avoiding intermediate transports, without wasting materials or added margins in the product value chain.








Present in the Spanish Public Administration since 1972.

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