delaoliva, a brand of office furniture for the modern world.

An office that adapts to people’s needs and evolves with social and technological changes. We create a friendly environment that blurs the boundaries between work and leisure, with different spaces to minimise routine and encourage social and external relations.

perspective vision


We aspire to be a leading brand recognised worldwide for the quality, sustainability and timeless, personalised spirit of our products, with a focus on sustainability and the well-being of people in their working environments.
new horizons


Our MISSION is to create inspiring and reliable working environments that promote people’s well-being, by manufacturing sustainable and comfortable office furniture and chairs with a flexible offer that allows them to be adapted to different contexts, at a competitive and fair price.
core values


Our culture and essence are the sum of values that the whole team breathes and shares: PEOPLE, PASSION, DESIGN, SUCCESS, SUSTAINABILITY and INNOVATION.

We believe that wellness is the source of health. Enjoying work is the key to feeling good and feeling good with our products is our top priority.

enjoy your office is much more than a slogan, it is a commitment to wellbeing in the workplace and to the productivity of those who make these spaces their second home.

At delaoliva, we understand that offices are more than just workspaces; they are environments where people connect, create and collaborate.

We strive to transcend the conventional boundaries of office design. We prioritise comfort and ergonomics in each of our products so that every user feels in harmony with their working environment. We contribute with our products to create environments that promote health and well-being, recognising that people are the heart and soul of any company.

Our philosophy is based on sustainability. Not only do we care about the present, but we are also committed to a sustainable and greener future. From the choice of materials and raw materials to energy efficiency to recycling and harnessing resources, every detail is carefully selected and thought through to minimise our impact on the environment and participate in the circular economy.

At delaoliva, we understand that the 21st century office is much more than an individual space; it is a collaborative ecosystem. We create collaborative spaces that encourage innovation and the exchange of ideas, fostering creativity and collective growth.

Our approach to design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating experiences and experiences that last over time. We help transform offices into functional and stimulating environments, fusing aesthetics with functionality to inspire those who live in them.

“enjoy your office” is our invitation to enjoy a working environment that goes beyond expectations. At delaoliva, we contribute to and encourage the creation of spaces where people thrive, where wellbeing is intertwined with productivity and where design becomes an enriching and sustainable experience.

Welcome to a new era in office design. Welcome to delaoliva, where enjoyment at work is a reality.

Family company located in Madrid and focused on manufacturing chairs and furniture and commercializing them since 1957. Specialized in office and contract seating, we offer a wide and flexible range of avant-garde products for versatile use in public and private new work spaces.


delaoliva is a benchmark company in office furniture market, offering ergonomically designed products based in user’s health and well-being. Having an optimum quality-price ratio sustained by an internalized production process and supported by a high production capacity and a technical team capable of developing and providing solutions to customer needs at the lowest economic and environmental cost. Context adaptation and offer flexibility, combined with continuous improvements, are the basis of our company policy, endorsed by its certifications.

Designing sustainable and ergonomic products to improve user well-being due to chairs and seats designed by and for people delaoliva design goal.

Product viability dictated by a timeless design and quality guarantees its durability. These values identify the sustainability of the brand: “quality and design with the lowest margins added”. They have their own team of designers and technicians, promoting creativity and talent from within, which also supports the collaboration of prestigious external designers.


We are the legacy of a family of inventors. Several patents and utility models created by our founder. A constant flow of ideas to provide solutions.



Sustainable production processes and products: ISO 14001. Eco-designed products and LCA. Use of photovoltaic panels and 100% green energy. Environmental and social commitment within the circular economy.



We design products for the well-being of people. Work done by and for people. A people-centred approach.



Industry and people; machine and man are the pillars for research, investment and innovation that allow us to present new products every year and incorporate innovative improvements in processes and products. More than 100 collections, and more than 80,000 references. Innovative company certificate.



Wide range of products. Endless options and finishes. Production capacity. Adaptation to customer needs. Flexible, configurable product offer. Thinking about people.



We care about people's well-being, designing and manufacturing sustainable, comfortable and durable PRODUCTS to create healthy working environment



In-house production processes at all stages. 30.000m2 of manufacturing facilities, metal and wood workshop, painting, upholstery, assembly... and 10.000 m2 of warehouses.



Product guarantee. ISO 9.001 certified since 1997. Certified products. Continuous improvement.

m2 of installations
m2 warehouse


Sustainability in the manufacturing processes and materials used are a priority at delaoliva, essential to offer sustainable products that are compatible with the ergonomics and comfort of our products.


Our products are designed and manufactured with durability in mind.


We care about people’s well-being, designing and manufacturing sustainable, comfortable and durable products to create healthy working environments.


The product is the result of the identification of people’s needs, their habits and their environment. That is why we offer personalized and functional products, agility in delivery, guarantee, design, commitment…


More than 60 years innovating in our products and in our production processes to offer PEOPLE what they need at all times. In a world in constant movement, the demands of society and the needs of people have been changing and we are adapting our way of manufacturing and our offer in anticipation of this. The continuous improvement moves us and leads us to a constant research and investment of our resources in INNOVATION, being this company recognised and registered as an INNOVATIVE SME.

Sustainable flexibility

What most sets delaoliva apart are its CONFIGURABLE office chairs, true to the company’s philosophy, with a flexible offer that allows each of its products to be customised. A wide range of products and an extensive range of upholstery and finishes in stock allow the configuration of each order within optimum delivery times. An in-house manufacturing process in each of its phases, including painting, makes this flexibility possible in a sustainable way and at a fair price, avoiding intermediate transport, without wastage of materials or added margins in the product’s value chain.


We work closely with top national and international designers in order to create innovative products. We also have our own multidisciplinary studio made up of graphic and multimedia designers, 3D designers and industrial and product engineers.


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