We manufacture ergonomically designed products because we seek the comfort and well-being of their users, to create healthy working environments.

We seek the well-being of people by designing and manufacturing comfortable, sustainable and durable products.


Ergonomics benefits the well-being and health of employees and the productivity of companies.

The key piece when talking about ergonomics in the workplace is the office chair, because of its direct contact with the human body. Ergonomic office chairs offer the necessary comfort and flexibility for each person. Therefore they must be adaptable according to the functional needs and physical characteristics of each user. ERGONOMIA combines form and function to obtain a comfortable and healthy product.

ERGONOMICS at delaoliva endorsed by:

Products for workstations that adapt to the morphology of as many users as possible and to the functions they perform during their working day:

  • They comply with the dimensions and regulations required by current and applicable regulations in each case. Special attention to CERTIFIED products based on UNE EN 1335-1.
  • Compliance with the UNE EN ISO 9241-5 standard, which defines the ergonomic requirements that refer to recommendations for the user.
  • User manual aimed at users of products that incorporate adjustments, fundamentally operational chairs. Available in digital and paper format.
  • Products where the design maxim is comfort and convenience in accordance with the dimensions and stability established by the applicable STANDARDS.


The concept of ergonomics in the new working environments refers to the adaptation of common areas to the needs of people, considering dynamic, mobile and versatile spaces. People are the key.

The Prevention of Risks at Work includes aspects that affect health and safety at work and ergonomics (RD 488/1997 Spain), with regard to the basic obligations of the employer towards his workers.

Among the ergonomic principles with which office chairs are conceived and designed to be efficient, are that the seats and the work chair in particular, are comfortable and that the user has a correct sitting position using the entire surface of the seat and keeping the backrest in contact with the spine.

It is recommended that the user is trained in healthy posture and has instructions on how to use all the elements that make up his or her environment.