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Aligned with our strategic objectives and the context in which our Organization is framed, from the management of P. de la Oliva, S.A. we have developed this policy that serves as a guide to our workers and other parties involved, to comply with the commitment subscribed to continuous improvement in our processes and environmental performance.

The values that make up the culture of our Organization lead to a final goal, to meet the needs of people through the design and commercialization of a quality and sustainable product, developed in a safe and healthy work environment.

For all the above, from delaoliva:

– We annually review the contribution of necessary resources, technical, economic and human, so that it is appropriate to the fulfillment of our objectives.

– We encourage the commitment of all our workers in the detection and management of risks and opportunities, establishing the necessary communication channels to encourage active participation in the principle of continuous improvement.

– We train our team for an efficient performance of their functions, so that they are able to create a flexible product adapted to the needs of our customers and thus achieve their full satisfaction.

– We comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity, as well as other normative requirements that, although not mandatory, we decide to assume because they are demanded by our stakeholders.

– We sensitize our staff and other people who work under the control of our organization, to achieve compliance with the requirements set by our customers in a professional, ethical and transparent way.

– We identify and evaluate the environmental aspects of our Organization and our products throughout their life cycle, with the purpose of protecting the environment with measures such as:

Promoting the rational use of resources and prevent pollution.
Incorporating environmental improvements in our products from the design phase, avoiding the transfer of adverse environmental impacts between stages of the life cycle.
– We maintain and update our integrated management system based on international standards, subjecting it to both first and third party audits to detect possible deviations.

The revision of this policy is the responsibility of the management, and its fulfillment is the responsibility of the management, of all the workers and of all the people who work under the control of P.de la Oliva.


Pepa Pérez de la OlivaTorrejón de Ardoz, 30th November 2017


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