Commitment to the environment while designing and manufacturing, to project sustainable products.

SUSTAINABILITY, guaranteed by:

  • A production process certified according to ISO 14001, applicable to all its manufacturing phases in Spain.
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).
  • Eco-designed products with ISO 14006 Certificate.
  • Quality and environmental policies based on continuous improvement and the satisfaction of all interested parties. Quality and durability of the products to extend its useful lives.
  • After-sales service for spare parts and repairs.
  • Socially sustainable to offer FAIR prices,  securing the best value for money.


RECYCLE OUR PRODUCTS, a commitment of everyone.

  • We inform the customer about their responsibility to deposit the components of the product in a recycling facility (local waste facilities).
  • In accordance with the current legislation (RD 782/98), the final holder is the responible of the final delivery of the packaging waste for proper environmental management.



  • Internalised manufacturing process in all its phases, reducing unnecessary emissions caused by transport.
  • Use of local suppliers whenever possible.
  • New generation of our own renovated trucks.
  • Planned routes for the whole Peninsula, with our trucks fully loaded, to minimize emissions and save fuel.

Quality and Environment are two constants in the reason for delaoliva’s work and being

Certificado ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 ISO 14006 - delaoliva
Calidad y Medioambiente son dos constantes en la razón de hacer y ser de delaoliva