Technology, design and innovation come together to shape our workplace. With an increasingly non-traditional aesthetic, large companies are looking to be at the cutting edge of providing their employees with an optimal and efficient workplace.

We may think that the space where we carry out our work has no influence on the quality of it, but this is not the case. A good workspace will help us to reduce our stress and increase our productivity.

Conceiving a workplace where employees feel comfortable, neither the conventional cubicles nor the so fashionable open space, current trends require personalized work spaces that enhance creativity and ensure well-being in accordance with the dedication of the company.

Benefits of a good workspace:


For the employee

It acts positively on the employee’s health by avoiding stress situations and softening anxiety.

Contributes to the employee’s happiness at work and helps improve relations between colleagues. Feeling comfortable at work is a great motivational contribution and being more relaxed influences our ability to solve problems.

An environment that fosters employees’ creativity helps them to feel motivated, making it easier for them to perform their duties.

For the company

Economic advantage: The creation of new, comfortable working spaces involves an economic investment. This investment will be rewarded with greater efficiency by employees who will also be less prone to stress related absences.

More efficient employees: The greater the comfort, the better the mood and the higher the performance. Employees are more responsive, improve their thinking and often come up with more innovative ideas.

Attracting talent: Having the ability to provide comfortable areas is a competitive advantage. This resource is increasingly used by workers, and especially by the new generations. It is a way of attracting new talent in a labour market where employees are the ones who choose the companies where they want to work.

Improving relationships: The workspace has the capacity to affect the mood of the workers. Artificial light, lack of order or noise, among others, affect comfort, perception and work environment. Improving space is beneficial for personal relationships within the workplace.

How to improve the workspace?

Managing a good workspace is not exclusive to large companies, it is something that encompasses small and medium sized businesses as well.

To improve the space we can add natural light, colours depending on what we want to convey, music, attractive views or even elements of nature.

The objective of architects and designers when dealing with this type of project is to define an appropriate strategy that responds to the needs of the companies. In this process, progress must be made in parallel with the space available to us. We must move away from generalised ideas as today’s offices are not like those of years ago.


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