CLIENT: Company offices.
DEALER: LambdaTres.
PRODUCTS USED: Japan Sofas / Light Operating Chairs / Guest and Conference Room Click 9075.

Today we would like to mention our distributor and collaborator LAMBDATRES who has chosen three collections such as LIGHT, CLICK 9075 and JAPAN for their operative chairs, meeting rooms and waiting areas respectively.

Thus, LAMBDATRES opts this time for the collection of operational chairs LIGHT with mesh backrest and upholstery for dynamic and current offices. All this without forgetting its composition of recyclable material once the end of its useful life.



It is characterized by a backrest of breathable mesh stretched on black polypropylene frame and ergonomic seat upholstered in high-density PU rubber and upholstery in various colors. It presents several models of arms that can be fixed or adjustable according to the taste or the necessity of each office, as well as, a syncro mechanism with permanent contact, multipositional block and an adjustable lumbar support device.

For meeting rooms the CLICK 9075 chairs are chosen. It is a collection of upholstered chairs for confidential, formative and collaborative use, multifunctional and multipurpose in nature.



In terms of their exterior vision and use, it should be noted that they are ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable chairs capable of fitting into any space. In addition, they are highly customizable thanks to a wide range of finishes in epoxy paint in silver, black and white or chrome finish.

Finally, for waiting areas, the JAPAN collection takes centre stage, ideal for transmitting a visual balance with personality and which allows a unique and minimalist atmosphere to be created. In short, perfect to complete a waiting atmosphere with an informal touch.

The JAPAN collection achieves this thanks to its armchairs and one-, two- and three-seater sofas, which make the single-seater model a basic piece for collaborative areas with different metallic support structures, fixed or rotating.

We were delighted with the choice of this client and the great work on the part of the distributor! A perfect combination! 🙂

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