All CLICK task chairs can be converted into a stool, an ideal solution for workstations that accompany counters or work surfaces that are higher or adjustable in height.

In addition, CLICK offers a specific model for TABURETE 7012 RBD height-adjustable, with fixed swivel plate, ideal for use at cashier’s desks and counters. The height of its wide gas column and height-adjustable footrest ring is a standard feature of all CLICK stools.


The CLICK stools have a comfortable seat and low backrest with the characteristic upholstery of the collection and all the functions of an operating chair, ideal for use as a work chair at height-adjustable tables. The CLICK 7012 RBD stool with fixed swivel plate and fixed backrest is ideal for use at cash desks and counters.


The CLICK operative chairs with synchro mechanism can opt for the incorporation of 3 types of DRAWING KIT that share the same drawing gas column with 20 cm of travel in height and are differentiated by the model of footrest ring adjustable in height to become a stool. They can incorporate armrests and options of the CLICK operating chair and choose upholstery to configure endless possibilities. The CLICK RBD stool incorporates the Drawing 2 kit.


All components have been chosen for their design using recycled and recyclable raw materials, environmentally friendly in their manufacturing process to ensure minimum environmental impact and maximum recycling once the chair’s useful life is over. Ecodesigned.



Click stool 7012 RB + drawing kit