Collection of executive and confidant armchairs of absolute confidence, an icon of the brand for the qualities and comfort that make the difference. The collection is completed with low back models, fixed or swivel for confidant and conference use. An ATEMPORAL design that does not go unnoticed by those who have tried it.



With seat and backrest in INJECTED RUBBER in ERGONOMIC mould that provides different volumes, you will simply forget you are sitting down. Upholstered seat and backrest on interior in postformed wood and PU injected rubber in resin molds marking different shapes and volumes in the lumbar, dorsal, lateral and pelvic support areas.


With a polished aluminium base and 24-hour syncron for the directional padding, it offers two models of armrests. TRITÓN presents the brand’s emblematic executive chairs, for their perfect combination of COMFORT, QUALITY AND ERGONOMICS. QUALITY AND TECHNIQUE proven, sustainable and guaranteed by its manufacture, with ergonomically conceived form that propitiates a correct support and posture. External upholstered polyamide shells for seat and backrest. 4D adjustable arms, with union to seat in polished aluminium piece and armrests in integral black soft touch (models 10.031). Integral fixed arms in black soft touch, joined to seat and backrest, with flexion angle according to the movement of the backrest.



Technical data


Tritón 10030 AT-modelo-delaoliva

Tritón 10030 AT

Tritón 10031 AT-modelo-delaoliva

Tritón 10031 AT

Tritón 10030 BT-modelo-delaoliva

Tritón 10030 B – Tritón 10030 BT

Tritón 10031 B – Tritón 10031 BT-modelo-delaoliva

Tritón 10031 B – Tritón 10031 BT

Tritón 10029 F (N)-modelo-delaoliva

Tritón 10029 F (N)